Improvements of BigDFT code in modern HPC architectures

Genovese, Luigi and Videau, Brice and Deutsch, Thierry and Tran, Huan and Stefan Goedecker, and Improvements of BigDFT code in modern HPC architectures. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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Electronic structure calculations (DFT codes) are certainly among the disciplines for which an increasing of the computational power correspond to an advancement in the scientific results. In this report, we present the ongoing advancements of DFT code that can run on massively parallel, hybrid and heterogeneous CPU-GPU clusters. This DFT code, named BigDFT, is delivered within the GNU-GPL license either in a stand-alone version or integrated in the ABINIT software package. Hybrid BigDFT routines were initially ported with NVidia's CUDA language, and recently more functionalities have been added with new routines writeen within Kronos' OpenCL standard. The formalism of this code is based on Daubechies wavelets, which is a systematic real-space based basis set. The properties of this basis set are well suited for an extension on a GPU-accelerated environment. In addition to focusing on the performances of the MPI and OpenMP parallelisation the BigDFT code, this presentation also relies of the usage of the GPU resources in a complex code with different kinds of operations. A discussion on the interest of present and expected performances of Hybrid architectures computation in the framework of electronic structure calculations is also adressed.

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