Optimizing TELEMAC-2D for Large-scale Flood Simulations

Moulinec, Charles and Audouin and, Yoann Optimizing TELEMAC-2D for Large-scale Flood Simulations. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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This report details optimization undertaken on the Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software suite TELEMAC, a modelling system for free surface waters with over 200 installations worldwide. The main focus of the work has involved eliminating memory bottlenecks occuring at the pre-processing stage that have historically limited the size of simulations processed. This has been achieved by localizing global arrays in the pre-processing tool, known as PARTEL. Parallelism in the partitioning stage has also been improved by replacing the serial partitioning tool with a new parallel implementation. These optimizations have enabled massively parallel runs of TELEMAC-2D, a Shallow Water Equations based code, involving over 200 million elements to be undertaken on Tier-0 systems. These runs simulate extreme flooding events on very fine meshes (locally less than one meter). Simulations at this scale are crucial for predicting and understanding flooding events occurring, e.g. in the region of the Rhine river.

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Subjects: CFD
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